INSPIRE is a self-adaptive, personalized behavior change game for adolescent preventive health. In game, teens participate in interactive narratives that address issues of peer pressure, social norms, and consequences of alcohol use. Players adopt the role of a teenage protagonist who “relives” the events and decisions of a high-school hang out involving alcohol.

INSPIRE is designed to enhance adolescents’ knowledge, personal efficacy, and self-regulatory processes, encouraging players to set goals, adopt problem-solving strategies, reason about the consequences of their actions, and reflect on their observed outcomes to adjust their future behaviors.

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Responsible for compiling and redesigning all placeholder UI for INSPIRE.

Not all designs are final as the game is still in development. 

Collaborated with The IntelliMedia Group art team and research scientists to communicate changes to designs and execute tasks.

Showcase the ability to iterate ideas quickly and create mockups to share with the team before completing assets to put into the game in Unity.

Redesign of Start Screen (Top is old, Bottom is new)

Old to new start screen.jpg

Character Dialogue UI

All 5.jpg

Font Selection, Buttons, Dialogue & General Design for UI 

Copy of New Font Test_comfortaa.jpg

Goal Priority Meters UI

Interactive Item Infographic UI


After Action Review UI

After Action Review.jpg