I Wish I Could Dream

“I Wish I Could Dream” is a personal illustration that was done for a project in an illustration studio. In this project, the prompt asked “Best day ever”. However, nothing came to mind to illustrate this personally. Instead of following the original question, I switched it to “Best night ever,” because I have very difficult sleep patterns and have exhausting dreams and nightmares every night. The best night ever would be to sleep peacefully. The point of the project was to test to see what illustration process I already work with coming into the studio. However, I was challenged to try something out of my comfort zone. I rarely ever scan traditional drawings and go right into editing in Photoshop, but this time I learned how to scan in an inked illustration, edit the line work in Photoshop to look clean, utilize textures and integrate the editing of photos to enhance the illustration. The inverse of the line work from black to white catches the eye immediately, more than if they were black lines. The concept of the dreamcatcher is familiar and very meaningful when applied to the concept of galaxies and space. They go hand in hand with the theme of dreams and the unknown. The anthropomorphic character in the center of the illustration is a representation of myself, and the end result is a piece that carries one of my deepest wishes. To actually dream.


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