Health Quest is a self-adaptive personalized behavior change environment for adolescent preventive health. In game, teens become active participants in dynamically unfolding interactive narratives that address preventive care during a mumps epidemic in the school. Players adopt the role of a teenage protagonist who participates in the investigation of the mumps outbreak and develop preventive techniques in order to prevent fellow students from contracting g the disease. Players interact with a cast of virtual characters who model a broad range of health behaviors, and the outcomes for the protagonist, his/her friends, and the story line are actively shaped by the player’s decisions.

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Responsible for designing characters in Health Quest's visual novel game and generating character sprites, dialogue UI, infographics and appropriate backgrounds for each scene. 

Collaborated with The IntelliMedia Group art team and research scientists to communicate designs, make valued decisions and execute tasks.

Showcase the ability to iterate ideas quickly and create mockups to share with the team before completing assets to put into the game in Unity.

Dr. Sophia & Nurse Roger Sprite Designs

Adult Sprites.jpg

Hailey, Mia & Max Sprite & Dialogue UI Designs 

Sprites and Dialogue.jpg

Health Quest Start Screen & Interactive Infographic Designs

HealthQuest UI.jpg