Book Cover Designs

"Curiouser" is a book cover series based on Lewis Carrol's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." The story is split into three books geared towards 8 to 12 year olds. Preferably, the books would be printed small to resemble actual playing cards.




Cover Designs

Book Cover 1 Final.jpg
Book Cover 2 Final.jpg
Book Cover 3 Final.jpg

"SKETCH With Me" Series

“Sketch With Me” is a three book cover series designed to be published as a sketch and art book hybrid. The book covers were designed to showcase some of what the contents would be inside the book. Inside the book, there would be art book pages that have tutorials, tips and techniques. The hybrid part of the contents would have blank sketch pages after every “how to” so the artist can practice what they have learned right there in the book. This solves the problem of reading a “how to” art book and juggling a separate sketch book on the side, making it difficult to properly put into practice what is learned. The book covers are laid out to be 5.5 x 8 inches and would be printed as wire-bound hard covers. This way the hybrid book can feel like an actual sketchbook that can be carried anywhere.

Cover Designs

Amanda_Dean_Sketch With Me Animals1.jpg
Amanda_Dean_Sketch With Me Figures3.jpg
Amanda_Dean_Sketch With Me Fantasy2.jpg


“Elementals” is another three book cover series designed to be published as a graphic novel based on a story that follows the life of elemental spirits. The reason behind not using a typical graphic novel book cover, the usual comic style that showcases the characters in the story, is so that the series would stand out among the other graphic novels on a shelf. It was a challenge to come out of the comfort zone of drawing and dive into a more typography and graphic design approach. 


Elementals moodboard.jpg

Cover Designs

Copy of RAINredo.jpg
Copy of BLAZEredo.jpg
Copy of FROSTredo.jpg