“Observe the people around you, and the things that you over hear.

Use ‘that’ as the inspiration for your last story. ” ~ Marc Russo

Adobe Acrobat had been discussed in class long enough to the point that an idea sparked from just the word “Acrobat”. My instructor, Marc Russo, even has a knack for saying the phrase ,“right off the bat ”. Coincidence. I thought not. I got right to it. A quick search of the prefix “acro” through Google led me to the definition of “at the end” or “at the top”, “highest”, “topmost”, and “at the extremities”. Acrobat of course refers to a type of entertainer who performs gymnastic feats and is most commonly part of a circus. Using these little bits of meaning and terms, soon an idea was born. Even before I knew where the idea was going, I began sketching out the main protagonist “right off the bat”.

“Acrobat” is a short story that came to a completed animatic in less than five weeks. It was done with the possibility of being pitched as an animation short. I wanted to tell a story through a universal truth that most can relate to. Acro, the protagonist, is more or less handicapped. She faces complications and has resolutions, despite her birth defect. This is an encouraging story for those in life who struggle with being different. The story as it is now can be taken further to become an animated short or perhaps a children’s book. 


Acrobat Final Documentation-1.jpg

The Hero

Acrobat Final Documentation-5.jpg


Acrobat Final Documentation-8.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-9.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-11.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-10.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-13.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-12.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-14.jpg


Acrobat Final Documentation-15.jpg

Character Designs

Acrobat Final Documentation-16.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-17.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-18.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-19.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-20.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-21.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-22.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-23.jpg

A Final Look

Acrobat Final Documentation-61.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-62.jpg
Acrobat Final Documentation-63.jpg