This scene is my portion of a class group project where we were all assigned certain scenes to animate individually. We then combined all the scenes to make an animated short about a swift character who navigates a massive city to find out what is hidden within the city. This animation project was the first one I have done with a much more complicated rig than a ball. My process for nailing the parkour tricks right involved finding the right reference video footage of real parkour. From there I used chosen footage and drew over key poses. Then I put those poses into the city environment to ensure the perspective, timing and camera positions were correct. In Maya, setting up key poses by posing the model was a huge step in the process, and it helped the transitions between poses to become easier to refine. This project reminds me of how important it is to have as much reference material as possible to aid the process.

I was asked by the instructor to design the logo representing the name of the group project "Terra Dome" to display before the animations played. 

Rough Animatic

Key Poses